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Planning in New York City?

A memorable corporate event begins with a memorable venue. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island National Monument includes Ellis Island, Liberty Island, and the Statue of Liberty herself. These unique symbols of freedom and the American spirit can provide the perfect backdrop for your next corporate event or celebration. Whether Ellis Island holds special meaning for yourself and your company, or you value the ideas and ingenuity these locations represent, we can help you create the perfect corporate event from start to finish in one of our unique corporate event venues on Ellis or Liberty Island. Visit our latest addition we have added in 2019 – The Statue of Liberty Museum 

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corporate event

Tips for Planning Your Corporate Event with Us

Corporate events provide a forum for group discussion, industry networking, team-building experiences, and employee recognition. When you host your corporate event at Liberty Island and Ellis Island we’ll work with you to assess your goals and your needs to ensure the venue and its accommodations provide exactly the setting you want. Our Conference Room is ideally for corporate events.

  • The time and length of your event can help with planning meals and breaks. Conferences, meetings, and presentations are typically held in the morning or afternoon, while galas, fundraisers, and award ceremonies are often evening affairs. Day events may include lunch and several snack or coffee sessions while night events may include hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, dinner, and dessert.
  • The number of attendees you plan to host may play a role in the best venue for your needs. Smaller meetings and presentations can make use of the conference room overlooking the Great Hall on Ellis Island while larger events may work well on the Great Hall’s main floor or even outdoors on one of these historic islands. Evelyn Hill Inc. works with you to plan an event experience that will last a lifetime.

Major Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Event

Corporate events have become an important part of a successful business model for many reasons. If you’re looking for a unique corporate event experience in New York City, look no further than Ellis and Liberty Islands. Evelyn Hill Inc. has been working with the National Park Service to host unique, memorable, and inspiring corporate events and more for over 80 years. You can find out more about booking these unique corporate event venues and the services we offer by calling 212-344-0996 today.

Contact us today to learn more. See what our Conference Room offers you and let us help you plan your next corporate event. 

  • Corporate events provide a valuable forum for discussion and collaboration that may not be easily achievable in your workplace setting.
  • A corporate event allows you to recognize outstanding achievement and company loyalty, rewarding successful careers and inspiring current and future employees to excel.
  • Corporate events and celebrations are the ideal settings for networking, positive publicity, and the promotion of your company’s motives, goals, and ideas.
  • Explore our newest event space we have added in 2019. The Statue of Liberty Museum


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