• Holding an Event at a National Monument

    If you’re looking for a venue to hold your corporate dinner, company outing, wedding ceremony, concert or other event, consider the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as possible locations. These National Monuments immerse your guests in history and provide stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

    Just keep in mind that special rules apply to events held at National Monuments, which are operated by the National Park Service (NPS). The intention is to preserve these sites for the enjoyment of generations to come. The following tips will help ensure your event is successful.

    Align the Agenda with the Site’s Schedule

    For private events, you may need to wait until regular business hours are over. For instance, vendors can’t set up in the public areas of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum until closing time, which ranges from 5:00 to 6:15 pm depending on the season. Check with the consultant in charge of booking events to ensure you coordinate your schedule with the operating times of the National Monument.

    Have a Backup Plan in Case of Bad Weather

    The majority of National Monument events take place outdoors, but you never know if the weather will become an issue. Therefore, it’s wise to have a contingency plan in case of rain. Rest assured that Ellis Island offers an expansive 13,000-square-foot interior venue, as well as plenty of space outside, giving you the flexibility to hold your event wherever you see fit.

    Be Aware of Catering Restrictions

    Some National Monuments have exclusive caterers and vendors they supply for onsite events. As for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Evelyn Hill Inc. is the exclusive concessionaire for the NPS, providing all food, beverages, retail and special events management for these monuments. Any outside caterers must be approved by Evelyn Hill Inc.

    Recognize the Impact Your Event May Have on the Monument

    Many national parks and monuments have initiatives for reducing waste and ensuring each event has the smallest possible impact on the site. For example, Evelyn Hill Inc. is a green company that insists all catering and event waste be recycled or composted. Many in-house items are also available to vendors to lessen the event’s impact on Ellis Island. In addition, all vendors are required to carry a Certificate of Insurance for $2 million worth of liability coverage in case any damage occurs.

    Plan Your Event with Evelyn Hill Inc.

    Event planning can be stressful, especially when you’re not accustomed to working with the special rules of National Monuments. Evelyn Hill Inc. can help you plan and execute the perfect social or corporate event at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These unique venues can be all yours, giving you the chance to find your family’s name on the Wall of Honor or take a private walking tour of the island between other events you have planned for the evening.

    For more information about holding your event at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, please contact Evelyn Hill Inc. at (212) 363-3200.

  • Tips for Picking Your Wedding Party

    Picking the members of your wedding party can be a challenge, so it’s smart not to leave it until the last minute. Remember that not everybody you have ever met needs to be a bridesmaid—this is your day, and you’re allowed to be selective. Be sure to prioritize including people who are important to you and who you think will help foster a fun, positive atmosphere on your special day. For more tips, be sure to check out this helpful video.

    Having your wedding at historic Ellis Island can be a truly magical experience for you and your guests. If you would like to learn how to reserve a space for your wedding, call Evelyn Hill Inc. today at (630) 894-5992.

  • FAQs and Answers About Statue Cruises

    If you’re planning an Ellis Island or Statue of Liberty event, you will need to ride a ferry to the site. In addition to providing transportation to and from the island, statue cruises are also an ideal way to get a full view of the Statue of Liberty and surrounding area. Here is what you need to know about cruising to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

    How do I purchase tickets?

    Advanced tickets can be purchased online and at many hotels and ticketing windows throughout NYC. For groups of less than 59 people, individual tickets are used. For groups over 60, you make reservations for group tickets. Tickets purchased online can be delivered as e-tickets. Other tickets must be picked up at a ticketing window or at will call. Keep in mind that you cannot use National Park Passes on Liberty or Ellis Islands or to purchase a ferry ticket.

    What is the security process?

    Security processing is required before you can board the ferry, so make sure to arrive in time for the screening. Generally, screening takes about five to 10 minutes, but can take longer at times of high demand. The process is similar to airport screening and involves allowing your bags to be X-rayed. Large baggage, coolers, knives, tools, mace, weapons, packages, and explosives are all prohibited. If you are concerned about the timing of the screening process, consider leaving from the Liberty State Park site in New Jersey, which typically has smaller crowds.

    beautiful, vibrant colors.

    What is included in a ticket?

    All tickets include round-trip ferry travel between the departure point and Liberty and Ellis Island and an audio tour of the islands. You can opt to depart Liberty or Ellis Island from a different location than you disembarked the ferry.

    For a truly special occasion, choose a Statue of Liberty event with Evelyn Hill, Inc. We offer exclusive Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island bookings for corporate parties, weddings, and other events. Start planning your Statue of Liberty in New York City event today by calling (630) 894-5992.


  • Quick Tips for Strategic Planning Workshops

    For strategic planning workshops to be successful, the event needs to have a specific design. Choosing an inspiring environment, such as an Ellis Island or Statue of Liberty event, is a good first step towards getting the group on task. The ideas in this video will also help.

    Be sure that your workshop is designed to be collaborative. Provide preparation materials in advance, so that your team is ready to work instead of listening to you give a lecture.  Resist the urge to lead the discussion, and become a member of the team instead, so that you can all work together.

    From corporate party themes to private Ellis Island events, Evelyn Hill, Inc. can help you plan and execute a memorable occasion with unbeatable city views. To learn more about our Ellis Island parties in New York City, please call (630) 894-5992.

  • A Parent’s Guide to Planning a Memorable Bat Mitzvah

    A bat mitzvah is a special time for every family, so it’s not surprising that planning one can be a major undertaking. Planning starts with the perfect event venue. Why not leave the usual reception spaces behind and hold a truly memorable affair with a private Ellis Island event? Once you have the venue on hold, these tips will help you get the rest of the details in order.

    Pick a Theme

    A bat mitzvah doesn’t have to have a theme, but many families find that picking a theme makes planning easier while making the event feel more personal. Choose a theme that represents your child’s interests, such as a favorite band, book series, or sports team. You can also opt for a style theme, such as tropical or Hollywood. Picking a theme will help you select decorations for your venue, pick colors for the party, and select things like party favors.

    Select Your Entertainment

    At bat mitzvahs, there is a usually a very wide age group in attendance, so plan your entertainment accordingly. Pick family-friendly music that everyone can agree on, and offer activities that appeal to a range of age groups, such as arts and crafts tables for young kids and a video game setup for older kids to play. Casino games are a fun choice for adults.

    Plan the Menu

    When you’re picking a menu of your bat mitzvah, keep the age range of the guests in mind. You can opt for traditional bat mitzvah fare for adults, including a carving station, fruit and cheese boards, and a cold fish buffet, but add some kid-friendly options for younger guests, such as chicken fingers. If you have a bar, consider adding special drink for kids to the menu, such as Shirley Temple.

    Evelyn Hill, Inc. in New York City provides exclusive use of Ellis Island for private events as well as access to event space at the Statue of Liberty. Plan a bat mitzvah your family will always remember by calling us at (630) 894-5992 to book a private event on Ellis Island.

  • What Do We Need to Get a Marriage License in NYC?

    If you plan to get married in NYC at the Statue of Liberty or are planning an Ellis Island wedding, then you will need a marriage license. Keep in mind that you must wait for 24 hours after receiving your license before you can get married, unless you receive a judicial waiver, so be sure to obtain your license well in advance of your Ellis Island wedding.

    You can start the marriage license process online, but to obtain a license, you and your prospective spouse must appear together at the Office of the City Clerk. You will need to complete an application and provide a government-issued ID. If your ID does not list your birth date, then you will need proof of age as well. After you sign an affidavit claiming that the information on your application is true, your license will be issued while you wait.

    Evelyn Hill, Inc. can help you plan and execute the perfect Statue of Liberty event or Ellis Island wedding in New York City, whether you want a huge affair or a small gathering of family and friends. Contact us today at (630) 894-5992 to learn more.

  • Setting an Agenda for Your Corporate Event

    If you’re planning a corporate event, a strong agenda is an essential part of ensuring the event’s success. Whether you’re planning a corporate party, corporate dinner, or annual meeting, your agenda sets the framework for the entire occasion. After you select your corporate event theme, here is what you need to know about setting your agenda.

    Decide on a few goals you want to accomplish at your event, so you can focus on creating an agenda around that mission. Your agenda should include a mix of larger group announcements and presentations and small, breakout sessions that let employees work together in teams. Include ample time for small breaks, so employees don’t get burned out. Schedule a timeline for all portions of your agenda and make sure the activities fit into it, so you can stay on track and so employees know what to expect.

    For corporate awards night parties, company dinners, and other corporate events, let Evelyn Hill, Inc. help you create an occasion to remember with a private Ellis Island or Liberty Island event. For more information about corporate theme parties in New York City, call (630) 894-5992.

  • Add a New York Theme to Your Next Corporate Entertainment Event

    If you’re hosting a large corporate event in New York City, you’ll want to give your guests and associates an authentic and enjoyable New York experience. Ellis Island provides picturesque settings for your special corporate event that your employees will surely not forget. With an up close and personal look at the Statue of Liberty, everyone at your event will surely be mixing business with pleasure.

    Our unique NYC event venues not only have breathtaking views but we pride ourselves on upscale event styling and can personalize your event to add the features you’re looking for. From your own fireworks show over the Hudson River to an authentic New York themed event with top talent from our partner vendor Bounce, your event can be as big as New York City itself.

    Ellis Island is a convenient and historic location to hold your corporate event and will give your guests a once in a lifetime experience. Many of your associates may be able to trace their ancestry back through Ellis Island and even find their family’s name on the Wall of Honor. Our space features 13,000 square feet and breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline.

    The award-winning Bounce Music and Entertainment can provide the following amazing add-ons for your next corporate event:

    • Interactive Talent – Bounce has whatever type of talent you need to make the event a success including greeters, celebrity look-alikes, models, character actors, candy girls, illusionists, living statues, and more. Our talent can blend right in at first and you’ll love seeing the surprised smiles on the faces of your guests. We will work with you to help you determine the talent you would prefer at your event.
    • Photo Boots – Allow your guests to remember the event thanks to fun photo boots with green screen technology and endless props. We also have selfie booths and Coney Island-style photo strips, and everything can be shared on social media.
    • Candy Cart – Your guests are sure to love this feature that’s been referred to as “the coolest, most amazing New York candy cart in the whole world.” You can customize your candy options and the setup comes along with a NYC-themed character as well.
    • Dancers and Actors – Whether you prefer ballroom dancing, swing, Latin, hip-hop, or several other styles, our dancers can amp up your event. We also have dance instructors if you want to get the whole party dancing.

    For more information on our New York themed events, call us today at (630) 894-5992.

  • “Alexander” A Hamilton Tribute Show

    Nothing says New York City like a Broadway show. To make your next corporate event in New York City more memorable and authentic, add a Broadway Salute. One of the biggest Broadway shows the past few years has been Hamilton: An American Musical. The show has won more than 10 Tony Awards including for Best Musical and also won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album.

    By booking your next event through Evelyn Hill, your guests can enjoy a taste of Broadway thanks to Bounce’s salute to Broadway with “Alexander” A Hamilton Tribute Show. They’ll enjoy a fully costumed and choreographed tribute cast as they perform a variety of hits from the authentic Broadway musical including “Guns and Ships”, “The Schuyler Sisters”, and “You’ll Be Back”.

    We know your guests might only be in town for a limited amount of time and tickets to popular Broadway shows can be difficult to come by. That’s why we bring our Broadway tribute to your corporate event. Your guests can enjoy dinner or drinks while taking in the entertainment and having something to remember.

    In addition to the performance of “Alexander”, there are plenty of other add-ons to give your employees a more authentic New York City experience including Ellis Island immigrant character actors, multi-cultural musicians, and ensembles. If you’re looking for an unbeatable event space with a spectacular view, Liberty Island is also available.

    Our unique NYC centric events are conveniently located and will immerse your guests in an enjoyable experience they’ll be sure to be talking about once they get back home. We also offer spectacular Manhattan Skyline views, exclusive use of a National Monument, National Park Service Ranger tours, and more. To get started, call us today at (630) 894-5992.

  • The Ellis Island Experience

    If you’re looking to give your employees a unique and authentic New York City experience, The Ellis Island Experience has you covered. Ellis Island is just an eight-minute ferry ride from Battery Park, NYC and Liberty State Park, NJ. No matter what part of the country your group is coming from, they can experience a once in a lifetime event celebrating their heritage at Ellis Island.

    An amazing 100 million Americans have ancestors who passed through Ellis Island from other countries, but many of us never get the chance to visit and get the full experience. Your guests will have exclusive use of the museum in addition to National Park Service Ranger tours. They can even try to find their family’s name on the Wall of Honor.

    Everyone will be sure to remember this experience which features breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline or outdoors overlooking the Statue of Liberty. You can utilize Liberty Island for a cocktail hour and then have dinner on Ellis Island if you so choose. The Ellis Island Experience is great for awards ceremonies or any other corporate events.

    Our partner vendor Bounce Music and Entertainment can transform your event and take you back to Ellis Island as it was 100 years ago in 1918. Add-ons include authentic immigrant actors representing several countries, immigrant musicians who can perform a variety of musical styles, and dancers who can liven up the party. Our immigrant actors are fully interactive and can help your guests learn more about Ellis Island and the way things were.

    To learn more about The Ellis Island Experience and make arrangements, call Evelyn Hill Inc. at (630) 894-5992.