Tips for Planning Corporate Events

Planning corporate events can be a daunting task. There’s so much to think about, from the budget and agenda to the theme and venue. Whether you’re an old hand at planning corporate events, or this is your very first time, we have a few tips that will help you make your event a rousing success.

  • First, determine your budget and theme. Once you know how much you’re allowed to spend, you may want to solicit input in order to find a theme that’s fun and engaging. When you do come up with a theme, commit to it and carry it throughout the event- there are few things more lackluster than a half-hearted attempt at a theme party.
  • Understand your audience. What are you trying to accomplish with this event, and who will be attending? Is it an awards ceremony, attended by employees of your company and intended to honor those who excel? A training session, where having the right technology is key? Maybe it’s a product launch, where you need to sell the attendees not only on something new you’re bringing to market, but also on your brand. When you know your purpose, and you understand your audience, it will be much easier to fill in the details for your event.
  • Choose an amazing venue. The hotel ballroom has been done to death. If you want your event to stand out, choose a venue that will get people talking before they even arrive, and keep them buzzing long after the event is over. Look for a unique place that stands out, and see if you can find a place with historical or cultural significance.
  • Create design that makes your brand stand out. Especially if your event is a marketing effort, you want your brand carried throughout the décor, with areas that provide Instagram-worthy photo ops, and an overall look that’s visually striking. Pay attention to furniture arrangement, and find ways to make your design choices noteworthy.
  • Find unusual ways to engage your guests, playing with space to create areas for different purposes. Whether you’re promoting a product, training employees, or celebrating with colleagues, you want people out of their seats, interacting, and engaged in what’s happening around them. One popular way to do this is by creating areas for various activities, making sure to also create lounge space where people can go to take a break from the action.
  • Record the event in a unique way. Anybody can hire a photographer to circulate and take posed pictures of your guests, but if you can find a memorable way to make a record of your event, you’re ahead of the game. Graphic recording is an up and coming trend this year, in which the organizer hires an artist to sketch what’s going on, often in a fun, cartoony way. Of course, even staged photos can be unique and interesting if your venue is visually stunning.

If you’re still looking for a venue with the kind of visual impact that wows your guests and leaves lifetime memories, properties with a view of the New York skyline are a good place to start. Finding a place that holds a certain significance appropriate for your event may be a priority, and so may locating a venue with the gravitas to make your event memorable. What’s the solution? There are many venues that you could choose, but one stands apart from the others: Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty National Park.

The official concessionaire of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty National Park, Evelyn Hill Inc. can help you create a truly special event in one of the most unique venues available, providing planning services with the help of top-quality vendors approved by the National Park Service. We take care of every detail to make your event unforgettable, while you focus on circulating, accomplishing your event goals, and making memories of this amazing day. To learn more about planning a special event at Ellis Island, call (212) 363-3200 or contact us through the website.

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