Holding an Event at a National Monument

If you’re looking for a venue to hold your corporate dinner, company outing, wedding ceremony, concert or other event, consider the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as possible locations. These National Monuments immerse your guests in history and provide stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

Just keep in mind that special rules apply to events held at National Monuments, which are operated by the National Park Service (NPS). The intention is to preserve these sites for the enjoyment of generations to come. The following tips will help ensure your event is successful.

Align the Agenda with the Site’s Schedule

For private events, you may need to wait until regular business hours are over. For instance, vendors can’t set up in the public areas of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum until closing time, which ranges from 5:00 to 6:15 pm depending on the season. Check with the consultant in charge of booking events to ensure you coordinate your schedule with the operating times of the National Monument.

Have a Backup Plan in Case of Bad Weather

The majority of National Monument events take place outdoors, but you never know if the weather will become an issue. Therefore, it’s wise to have a contingency plan in case of rain. Rest assured that Ellis Island offers an expansive 13,000-square-foot interior venue, as well as plenty of space outside, giving you the flexibility to hold your event wherever you see fit.

Be Aware of Catering Restrictions

Some National Monuments have exclusive caterers and vendors they supply for onsite events. As for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Evelyn Hill Inc. is the exclusive concessionaire for the NPS, providing all food, beverages, retail and special events management for these monuments. Any outside caterers must be approved by Evelyn Hill Inc.

Recognize the Impact Your Event May Have on the Monument

Many national parks and monuments have initiatives for reducing waste and ensuring each event has the smallest possible impact on the site. For example, Evelyn Hill Inc. is a green company that insists all catering and event waste be recycled or composted. Many in-house items are also available to vendors to lessen the event’s impact on Ellis Island. In addition, all vendors are required to carry a Certificate of Insurance for $2 million worth of liability coverage in case any damage occurs.

Plan Your Event with Evelyn Hill Inc.

Event planning can be stressful, especially when you’re not accustomed to working with the special rules of National Monuments. Evelyn Hill Inc. can help you plan and execute the perfect social or corporate event at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. These unique venues can be all yours, giving you the chance to find your family’s name on the Wall of Honor or take a private walking tour of the island between other events you have planned for the evening.

For more information about holding your event at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, please contact Evelyn Hill Inc. at (212) 363-3200.

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