• Quick Tips for Strategic Planning Workshops

    For strategic planning workshops to be successful, the event needs to have a specific design. Choosing an inspiring environment, such as an Ellis Island or Statue of Liberty event, is a good first step towards getting the group on task. The ideas in this video will also help.

    Be sure that your workshop is designed to be collaborative. Provide preparation materials in advance, so that your team is ready to work instead of listening to you give a lecture.  Resist the urge to lead the discussion, and become a member of the team instead, so that you can all work together.

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  • A Parent’s Guide to Planning a Memorable Bat Mitzvah

    A bat mitzvah is a special time for every family, so it’s not surprising that planning one can be a major undertaking. Planning starts with the perfect event venue. Why not leave the usual reception spaces behind and hold a truly memorable affair with a private Ellis Island event? Once you have the venue on hold, these tips will help you get the rest of the details in order.

    Pick a Theme

    A bat mitzvah doesn’t have to have a theme, but many families find that picking a theme makes planning easier while making the event feel more personal. Choose a theme that represents your child’s interests, such as a favorite band, book series, or sports team. You can also opt for a style theme, such as tropical or Hollywood. Picking a theme will help you select decorations for your venue, pick colors for the party, and select things like party favors.

    Select Your Entertainment

    At bat mitzvahs, there is a usually a very wide age group in attendance, so plan your entertainment accordingly. Pick family-friendly music that everyone can agree on, and offer activities that appeal to a range of age groups, such as arts and crafts tables for young kids and a video game setup for older kids to play. Casino games are a fun choice for adults.

    Plan the Menu

    When you’re picking a menu of your bat mitzvah, keep the age range of the guests in mind. You can opt for traditional bat mitzvah fare for adults, including a carving station, fruit and cheese boards, and a cold fish buffet, but add some kid-friendly options for younger guests, such as chicken fingers. If you have a bar, consider adding special drink for kids to the menu, such as Shirley Temple.

    Evelyn Hill, Inc. in New York City provides exclusive use of Ellis Island for private events as well as access to event space at the Statue of Liberty. Plan a bat mitzvah your family will always remember by calling us at (630) 894-5992 to book a private event on Ellis Island.