Rebranding? Check Out These Brand Launch Strategies

When you’re rebranding your business, your launch is critical to your success. For most companies, a brand launch event is a perfect way to drum up interest and awareness while generating goodwill for your new identity. The right location and the right corporate party theme will set the stage for a successful launch of your new brand. Keep these strategies in mind as you plan your launch.

Pick a Standout Location

With so much competition for people’s attention, how can you make sure that your re-branding launch gets the attention it deserves? Start capturing interest by choosing an event venue that’s sure to create a buzz. Any company can host an event at a restaurant or bar, so grab people’s attention and spur interest in what you’re doing by picking a different kind of location, such as Ellis Island. Ellis Island events are not something people get invited to every day—and not something that people turn down the chance to attend.

Commit to a Theme

Your corporate event theme can help increase awareness and recognition of your re-launched brand . Look for out-of-the-box ways to incorporate your brand identity into a fun event theme for your guests. Your event planning team can strategies themes that communicate your new brand to your guests while ensuring that they have a positive experience that stands out in their minds.

Make Social Media Part of Your Plan

Get an extra boost of promotional power from your launch event by using social media to document the occasion. Create a hashtag for attendees to use to share content, and incentivize sharing by handing out prizes for shared content you find. You can also rely on social media for promotion before the event to generate interest in attendance.

Evelyn Hill, Inc. can help you build a successful re-launch event on Ellis Island that will announce your brand in style. We’re a short ferry ride from NYC or Liberty State Park, NJ and offer exclusive use of the monument. For help planning your corporate event in New York City, contact us at (630) 894-5992.

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