Best Practices for Private School Fundraising Events

Since they don’t receive public funding, private schools frequently hold fundraisers to bring in extra revenue. If you’re hosting a fundraising event for your private school, you may be wondering how to get started. One of the first steps you’ll want to take, of course, is to find the right venue. Make sure that you pick a space with plenty of room. Here are some other guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind for your event:

Start Planning as Early as Possible

You should have the details of your fundraiser squared away well before the event takes place. Reserve the event space several months in advance. Assemble a special fundraising team and put them in charge of organizing the event. Make sure that you have a clear monetary goal in mind for your fundraiser, and that you have sketched out a plausible path to achieving it.

Put on Universally Enjoyable Events

The most successful fundraisers are those that make people forget that they’re fundraisers at all—they’re too busy having fun. You might want to put together a student auction, a talent show, a raffle, a costume contest, a bake sale—or all of the above. You can even seek out sponsors for the event to offset its expenses.

Use Social Media

If you want your fundraiser to be a hit, you need to get the word out as soon as you can. Social media is a terrific vehicle for alerting the community to any upcoming event. You can be creative and post videos, fun puzzles trivia questions—anything that you think will get people interested in your fundraiser.

Fundraising events can be extremely worthwhile—if you know how to plan them properly. When you’re in need of a private event space in New York for your fundraiser, you might want to consider Ellis Island . This historic setting is the ideal place for everything from weddings and family reunions to corporate retreats and fundraising events. To find out how to reserve your space at Ellis Island, call Evelyn Hill Inc. today at (630) 894-5992.

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