Strategies for Selecting a Corporate Event Theme

When you’re planning an event for your business, one of the most important steps you’ll need to take is finding a special theme to unify the day’s proceedings and keep everybody focused on what matters. But choosing a theme isn’t necessarily as easy as it might look. Here are some useful tips for deciding on an appropriate them for your next event:

Come Up with a Motto

A motto, or tagline, is the perfect way to sum up the theme of your corporate event. Try to focus on the essence of the message you want to convey to your team, and work to boil it down to something as simple and memorable as possible. If you’re holding an event in January, for example, you might have a motto like “New Year, New Beginnings.”

Pick a Special Color

As every decorator knows, color has a tremendous impact on people’s emotions from day to day. By selecting a special theme color for your event, you can help it stand out in their memories for months to come. A bold forest green, a smart and fashionable cobalt blue, and even a bright and optimistic pink can all set the right mood for your event.

Create a New Logo

If you really want your event to be memorable, you need to underline its uniqueness as much as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to develop a special logo just for the event. Many people tend to think in visual terms, and translating your event’s theme into images can help you nail down exactly what you hope to accomplish—and make it all the more clear to your team members, as well.

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