How to Engage Your Corporate Event Attendees

If you are responsible for planning a corporate event, it can be challenging to find ways to inspire and energize the attendees. Fortunately, it’s far from impossible to do that—as long as you plan your event carefully in advance. Here are some techniques that can help you get your employees excited at your next corporate event:

Use social media

Along with using social media to help get your employees motivated for your event, you can actually make use of it during the event itself. You can live tweet the event as it plays out, making sure to use a special hashtag for your event so your attendees—and anyone from your company who isn’t present—can easily find the tweets. If you can video the event, be sure to post the highlights afterward.

Arrange for networking time

Networking fuels greater engagement, so it’s important to give your attendees some time to talk with each other and make connections at your event. You might schedule 20 minutes toward the end of your event for networking, or you might have a special coffee break at the midway point.

Find the right venue

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of finding the ideal venue for your corporate event. The room you use for your event should be large enough to easily accommodate all of your attendees along with any furniture and special equipment you may need to use. It should also be spacious and comfortable enough that your attendees will be able to focus on the event.

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