3 Reasons to Make Ellis Island Your Wedding Venue

When you’re planning your wedding, you may have trouble narrowing down the possibilities for your venue. If you want a unique and memorable background for your special day, why not choose Ellis Island? Every year, countless couples decide to make their vows at this truly one-of-a-kind place. These are some of the reasons you may want to have your wedding on Ellis Island:

It’s a truly unique setting

It’s only natural that you want your wedding to be as special as possible, and there’s no reason you should settle for anything less than what you want. Ellis Island is a unique and historic place that has come into contact with the lives of countless people over the years. Having your wedding there allows you to become a part of that history.

It’s a meaningful venue

For more than a century, Ellis Island has stood for hope—the optimism and determination of countless people who came to America in search of a new and better life. It’s the perfect place to begin your new adventure with your partner. For many of your guests, attending a wedding at Ellis Island will be the kind of opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime.

It provides a stunning view

Having your wedding at Ellis Island also means that you and your guests will have an up-close view of the world-iconic Statue of Liberty. As the sun sets, you’ll be able to marvel at the Manhattan Skyline. If you want your big day to be as unforgettable as it should be, Ellis Island is the perfect venue.

Evelyn Hill Inc. has been the National Park Service’s official concessionaire for more than 80 years, and our staff will be proud to help you make arrangements to have your special day at Ellis Island . Our events can hold up to 1,200 people. To learn more, call (630) 894-5992 today.

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