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    Top Lighting Trends for Weddings NYC

    The height of Ellis Island’s Registry Room on its own creates an effect of grandeur, and there’s no better way to enhance the 60’ high ceiling than with lovely lighting effects, like the stars you see here, projected onto the ceiling for a ‘starry night’ look. Since one of the top wedding trends is ‘bringing the outside in,’ usually referring to the florals in wedding décor, our historic wedding venue offers the opportunity to ‘bring the outside in’ via an additional, easy-to-plan option: stars projected onto the ceiling. When lighting high above coordinates with a lighting design in the Registry Room, the effect is magical and impressive.

    You have your choice of lighting effects to be projected onto the ceiling, as well as anywhere in the Registry Room, when you work with our favorite NYC lighting design companies, tailoring your light projections anyway you see fit — from your names to color washes to any number of patterns and top lighting trends for weddings and special events. Our corporate event planning clients will often project the name or logo of their company in the Registry Room, a dramatic way to brand their event and make the most of our unique event venue in NYC. Lighting is such a fabulous trend in weddings, corporate parties, and other events, and we’re always excited to see what our clients’ visions are when brought to life on Ellis Island .

    — Patti Golden