• Honor Your Ancestors at Your Ellis Island Wedding

    Best Ellis Island Wedding Event In NYC

    “A great many of our wedding couples are drawn to Ellis Island and Liberty Island in part because of their ancestry,” says Patti Golden, director of sales at Ellis Island and Liberty Island. “When one or both partners have long-ago relatives who came to this country via Ellis Island, it creates a wonderful sense of connection to their ancestors’ sense of hope and joy to arrive here, to make a new start and create a new life. That’s what wedding couples are doing as well: making a new life and a new start.”

    If you have ancestors who arrived through Ellis Island, you might wish to create a wonderful connection to them, and thrill your family and guests with your tribute to the ancestors who made your own life in this country possible. If your ancestors had not taken the chance, with so much hope, to move to America, you might never have met your partner. Your families might not be joining as one.

    Ellis Island wedding photo by Brian Dorsey Studios

    Ellis Island and Liberty Island present many opportunities for honoring your ancestors on your wedding day. Consider adding your families’ immigration stories to your personal wedding website, sharing with your guests why you chose our historic NYC venue for your wedding day. Here are some ways to make your family history a wonderful part of your wedding day:

    • Include photos of your ancestors, which you’ve scanned and enhanced via digital editing, to add some extra historic flair to your family photo table. Your ancestors’ gorgeously-framed photos add a wonderful sense of your family’ history at your Ellis Island wedding or Liberty Island wedding, with those beautifully aged black-and-white or sepia photos matching our own photo displays. A tip: If you can get your ancestors’ wedding photos, always scan them and create a fresh copy to bring to your wedding so that the original stays safe. Your guests are going to want to pick up these framed wedding photos for a better look at the details.
    • “During your wedding’s outdoor cocktail party, wedding guests can tour the grounds, on their own or with a park ranger guide, viewing our Wall of Honor, spotting their ancestors’ names, some of which they might never have seen before,” says Golden.
    • Display your ancestors’ ‘arrivals at Ellis Island’ photos at your cocktail party or reception.
    • If you’re lucky enough to have among your family heirloom treasures any writings, such as letters or diary entries from your ancestors who made the journey to arrive at Ellis Island so long ago, copy these as well, and frame them for display at your wedding.
    • Photos may also be displayed on a video screen at your cocktail party, providing a moving history of your family, and you might also add a personal note of thanks to your ancestors for their role in your happiness today. We’ve seen some wonderful family tributes at our Ellis Island weddings and Liberty Island weddings.
    • If you have access to an heirloom piece of jewelry worn by your ancestor, consider wearing it as your Something Borrowed or Something Old for your wedding. Many of our brides will wear a sentimental heirloom jewelry piece for their ceremony, and then switch to a more modern, wow factor jewelry style for the reception.
    • Add your ancestors’ stories and photos to your personal wedding website.
    • Name your wedding signature drinks after each of your ancestors
    • Name each of your wedding guest tables after the cities, towns or villages from which your ancestors emigrated.
    • Include cultural menu items from the lands of your heritage on your wedding menu.
    • Include wines from your ancestors’ native lands on your bar menu list.

    And finally, just take a moment to look around you when you disembark from our ferry, taking in the same scenery as your ancestors may have so long ago.

    Ferry Pass Statue of Liberty NYC

    While in the Registry Room, look around at it decorated with fabulous décor and specialty lighting, filled with your happy loved ones all celebrating your Ellis Island wedding. Many years ago, your ancestors may have stood in this same room, surrounded by people brimming with so much hope. It’s a beautiful connection to your family’s history and a gorgeous part of your family’s progression of Ellis Island experiences.

  • A Red Carpet Entrance for Your Wedding or Corporate Event on Ellis Island

    A Red Carpet Entrance for Wedding NYC

    NYC is home to many red carpet events, fabulous celebrity-filled celebrations filled with energy, drama, high fashion and flair. The same can be true, with or without celebrities, at the red carpet entrance to your wedding or corporate event on NYC’s Ellis Island.

    We love how gorgeous the red carpet entrance looked at this Ellis Island event, paired with candles on either side of the VIP guest path. And photographer Stacey Sanjuro did a masterful job of capturing the Statue of Liberty in the distance.

    Contact us for information on how your wedding or corporate event can get that celebrity-style red carpet treatment. The first impression is tremendously important, but every impression from an Ellis Island event impresses.

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    Here’s another of our favorite PANTONE Spring 2016 colors: Snorkel Blue. Since we’re surrounded by the blue-gray waters of the Hudson River, and our views extend to the blue/gray NYC skyline, this rich shade of blue may be one of the best wedding colors and corporate event colors we’ve seen yet.

    Inspiration board by Elegant Wedding Invites

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    We’re excited to see the PANTONE Spring 2016 wedding colors, and Peach Echo stood out with its vibrancy and bright, natural sweetness for a spring, summer or fall wedding here at Ellis Island or Liberty Island. We’ll be spotlighting our favorite shades from the current PANTONE top wedding colors in coming weeks.

    Keep in mind that PANTONE’s color trends inspire more than just wedding colors. They’re also a guiding force in corporate event design.