• Wedding Trend 2016 at Ellis Island: Copper

    Wedding Trends at Ellis Island NYC

    Among the top wedding trends for 2016 is the use of copper in tabletop design. Here, in Zak Events’ fabulous image, you’ll see how the copper captures the mood-setting lighting, creating a warmer glow than is seen with silver. The slight hint of auburn also warms the room, and comes quite close to colors in candlelight.

    So for your luxury wedding in our landmark venue, consider copper as your metallic base, and build from there (quite upwardly, given our high ceilings) with your choice of florals and elegant greenery, crystals, and other lush details of your wedding vision.

  • Historic Wedding Venues Are On Trend! Here’s What Wedding Couples Love

    Historic Wedding Venue NYC

    Historic wedding venues are gaining even more ground as a top wedding trend, and we’re happy to share the following statistics from The Wedding Report’s brand-new survey:

    When asked what they love most about Historic Wedding Venues, wedding couples said they love these features the most:

    The Historic Wedding Venue’s Architecture: 33.9%

    The Historic Wedding Venue’s Fascinating History and Stories: 12.5%

    “It’s So Unique – a One-of-a-Kind Wedding:” 10.5%

    We have to agree – the architecture, history and unique nature of Ellis Island weddings (and Liberty Island weddings as well!) make for a remarkable and memorable big day.

  • A Gorgeous Ellis Island Corporate Event Designed by Zak Events

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 5

    Gorgeous images from event planner Zak Events’ recent work here at Ellis Island, home to some of the most stunning luxury weddings and corporate parties in the New York City area. The blend of rustic elements and club-chic seating creates a ‘best of both worlds’ look here at our historic venue, with plenty of space to design separate celebration zones for your event.

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 2

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 1

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 7

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 6

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 8

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 9

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 4

    Corporate Event by Zak Events Photo 3

    See more images of Ellis Island weddings and corporate events, plus Liberty Island weddings and corporate events, at the Zak Events gallery .

  • Ellis Island Wedding and Event FAQ: Deposit Timing

    Ellis Island Wedding and Event

    We continue our Ellis Island Wedding and Event FAQs series with this important information regarding when deposits and payments are due for your event booking:

    Is a deposit required to hold an event date?

    Complimentary event holds can be placed but must be met with approval by the National Park Service to confirm the event. Upon approval by the NPS,Evelyn Hill Inc. will issue a food and beverage contract requesting 25% deposit upon signing, an additional 25% three months prior, and final payment completed no less than 5 business days prior to the start of the event. To learn more or to plan your wedding or corporate event – please contact us today.

  • Spotlight on The Original Runner Company’s Aisle Runner at This Ellis Island Wedding

    Aisle Runner at Ellis Island Wedding

    Today we’re putting the spotlight on the aisle runner for this gorgeous wedding planned by Swank Productions. [We thank Robert Evans Photography for the wedding photo!]

    Julie Goldman, founder and CEO of celebrity-wedding favorite The Original Runner Company , shares details about the runner she and her team created for this magical wedding day: “Such a gorgeous setting for a beautiful full white rose petal aisle runner. We painstakingly hand-applied over 4,000 rose petals to this luxurious custom aisle runner.”

    “The runner was actually a completely covered in white faux rose petals and each was hand applied in a process that took a couple of weeks to create.”

    If you’re interested in how an aisle runner works on a grassy surface, here’s more information from Goldman: “All of our Original Runners are completely safe to use on grass due their thickness and tear-free non-slip foam backing. For grass weddings, we recommend that the grass has been recently cut and clients can purchase our simple T-pins for easy installation on grass.”

    Contact us for details to help you plan your gorgeous Ellis Island wedding.

  • The Statue of Liberty’s New Lighting Makeover Adds to Eco-Friendly Weddings and Events

    The Statue of Liberty's New Lighting Makeover

    You may have seen on the news this week that the Statue of Liberty has a new glow about her. Lady Liberty has gotten a makeover, via a brand-new lighting system.

    The National Park Service said that much of the previous lighting system, situated below ground, was damaged during Superstorm Sandy, so it was time to overhaul the Statue of Liberty’s temporary lighting system to give our Lady Liberty a brilliant new start and the best lighting she could want to look her best. The new lighting system, created by Musco Lighting of Oskaloosa, Iowa, uses energy-saving LED lights and casts a bright spotlight on the Statue of Liberty, better defining the folds of her robes. (She’s just like today’s bride, with the details of her dress standing out in person and in photos!)

    Musco lighting systems are also currently illuminating the Washington Monument, the White House and the Flight 93 National Memorial.

    Beyond the Statue of Liberty’s refreshed beauty is the added benefit of LED lights adding to Liberty Island’s and Ellis Island’s already-renowned dedication to eco-friendly practices. We’ve won awards for our green methods and practices, and we’re thrilled to welcome this new eco-friendly lighting system to our shores.

    If you’re eco-minded, you’ll be very happy to know that Ellis Island and Liberty Island are eco-friendly locations for weddings, corporate events and special celebrations.

    We’re proud of our many green initiatives and eco-friendly event strategies, and having your wedding or party at our historic locations means that your wedding will be eco-friendly and take place in a Wow Factor venue with fabulous architecture, great views of the NYC skyline and now a close-up view of the newly-lit Statue of Liberty!

    If you’re interested in having a green wedding, you don’t have to go to a farm or get married in a barn. You can be married right here on our spectacular grounds or in our historic buildings, and have your beautiful reception right here as well, knowing that your wedding venue excels at eco-friendly methods such as recycling, using energy-efficient equipment and technology, collecting rainwater, and more. According to a recent wedding industry survey by TheWeddingReport.com , recent wedding couples said that having an eco-friendly wedding location was more important than having eco-friendly catering, cakes, transportation, photography and even the wedding gown!

    One in five engaged couples want to have an eco-friendly wedding, says Splendid Insights , a wedding-focused market research firm. And according to top wedding trends, the vast majority of wedding couples want some elements of a green wedding – from the flowers to the food to the location, wedding invitations and other parts of their Big Day.

    Ellis Island and Liberty Island are fabulous choices for your green wedding or eco-friendly celebration. Here’s why…

    Evelyn Hill Inc. is a third generation family owned company that has been the exclusive concessionaire for the National Park Service for the past 80 years, and in that time, the company has become a leader and award-winner in sustainability methods. Check out Evelyn Hill Inc.’s sustainability statistics:

    • Recycling over 94.2% of the solid waste produced by its operation.
    • Diverting 94% of waste on Liberty and Ellis Islands in 2011, a new record – up 22% from the year before! Only 6% of collected waste on Liberty and Ellis Island went to landfills. That 94% was recycled or composted, including waste from food services, the gift shop and waste brought to the island by tourists.
    • Last year, we recycled or composted:
      • 57 Tons of Cardboard
      • 18.5 Tons of Plastic
      • 1.7 Tons of Glass & Aluminum
      • 3,000+ Pallets
      • 1,000+ Batteries
      • 100% Used Fryer Oil
      • 140 Light Bulbs
      • 23.5 Tons of Food Scraps (including compostable hot cups & tray liners

    In 2010, Evelyn Hill Inc. opened the Liberty Gift Pavilion, a LEED Platinum Certified building the first of its kind within the National Park Service. Evelyn Hill Inc. takes pride in planning you a flawless special event and is honored to represent these historic venues.

    An independent jury panel, including the Director of Food & Beverage Concept Development of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide, and the President of Lettuce Entertain You, awarded Evelyn Hill Inc. awards in two separate categories, “Operator Innovator for Sustainability” and the most prestigious award of the evening, “Operator Innovator of the Year.”

    For more details on our award-winning eco-friendly practices and awards, click on the LEEDS and other newsletter links here.

    When you want the best green wedding, you choose the best wedding venue in NYC, and we’re looking forward to working with you on your green wedding plans!

    Contact us at www.ellisisland-events.com and we’ll share all of the details on our eco-friendly wedding venues, and provide information for your wedding vendors who will implement all of your other green wedding and eco-friendly party details!

    Photo by Stacey Sanjuro

  • Honor Your Family Cultures with Flowers at Your Ellis Island Wedding

    Flowers at Ellis Island Wedding
    One of the easiest and prettiest ways to combine your and your groom’s cultures, or pay homage to one or the other in ways that work with your wedding vision, is to use the Official Flowers of your families’ countries of origin. You might blend them into your centerpieces, or build your bouquet style around the perfect pairing of your roses and his plum blossoms – with each so meaningful to you and to your families.

    You might wish to use these ‘emblem flowers’ in your site décor, such as vases filled with peonies to honor your Chinese roots at your cocktail party, or pedestals displaying dahlias as a floral tribute to your Mexican background. Floral emblems may also be used in the graphics used on your invitations or wedding programs – such as a pretty lily of the valley for your Finnish wedding, or an hibiscus for your Korean wedding.

    The options are endless, so here is a starter list of different countries and their national official flowers. Be aware that many countries’ regions claim their own individual flowers, and that some countries haven’t yet decided on specific flowers to call their own. And while legislation was put into place in 1986 naming the rose as the official flower of the United State, each individual state – and each individual Hawaiian island! – claims its own official flower.

    [ Research current news on the official flower of your culture; sometimes, legislation is passed to choose a new official flower of a country, province or island .]

    Antigua and Barbuda: Dagger Log

    Argentina: Seibo

    Australia: Golden Wattle [Australia has several different state flowers to consider]

    The Bahamas: Yellow Elder

    Barbados: Pride of Barbados

    Belize: Black Orchid

    Bhutan: Blue poppy

    Bolivia: Kantuta and Patuju

    Brazil: Tabebuia Alba

    Canada: Maple leaf [And many provinces claim their own emblem flowers, such as the mayflower, the emblem of Nova Scotia]

    People’s Republic of China: Peony, plum blossom and chrysanthemum

    Colombia: Cattleya Orchid

    Denmark: Red Clover

    Dominican Republic: Mahogany Tree Flower

    Egypt: Lady Slipper

    Estonia: Cornflower

    Ethiopia: Calla lily

    Finland: Lily of the Valley

    France: Fleur De Lis (Iris)

    Germany: Cornflower

    Greece: Violet and Laurel Branch

    Republic of India: Lotus

    Iran: Tulip

    Iraq: Rose

    Ireland: Shamrock

    Israel: Cyclamen

    Italy: Cyclamen

    Jamaica: Lignum Vitae

    Japan: Cherry blossom [Not actually official, but the bloom of choice]

    Jordan: Black Iris

    Laos: Plumeria

    Malaysia: Chinese Hibiscus

    Maldives: Pink Rose

    Mexico: Dahlia

    Nepal: Rhododendron

    Netherlands: Tulip

    New Zealand: Silver Fern

    North Korea: Magnolia

    Norway: Heather

    Peru: Cantuta

    Poland: Corn Poppy

    Portugal: Lavender, Sunflower, Red Oak and Carnation

    Russia: Chamomile

    St. Kitts and St. Nevis: Red Royal Poinciana

    South Africa: King Protea

    South Korea: Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon)

    Spain: Carnation

    Taiwan: Plum Blossom

    Trinidad and Tobago: Chaconia

    Ukraine: Sunflower

    United Kingdom: Tudor Rose or Red Rose [Each region has its own emblem flower, including the Welsh daffodil and the Scottish bluebell, among others.]

    Uruguay: Ceibo

    Venezuela: Cattleya Orchid

    Vietnam: Red Lotus

    {We thank Swank Productions for sharing this photo by 5th Ave Digital }