• A Parent’s Guide to Planning a Memorable Bat Mitzvah

    A bat mitzvah is a special time for every family, so it’s not surprising that planning one can be a major undertaking. Planning starts with the perfect event venue. Why not leave the usual reception spaces behind and hold a truly memorable affair with a private Ellis Island event? Once you have the venue on […]

  • What Do We Need to Get a Marriage License in NYC?

    If you plan to get married in NYC at the Statue of Liberty or are planning an Ellis Island wedding, then you will need a marriage license. Keep in mind that you must wait for 24 hours after receiving your license before you can get married, unless you receive a judicial waiver, so be sure […]

  • Setting an Agenda for Your Corporate Event

    If you’re planning a corporate event, a strong agenda is an essential part of ensuring the event’s success. Whether you’re planning a corporate party, corporate dinner, or annual meeting, your agenda sets the framework for the entire occasion. After you select your corporate event theme, here is what you need to know about setting your […]

  • Add a New York Theme to Your Next Corporate Entertainment Event

    If you’re hosting a large corporate event in New York City, you’ll want to give your guests and associates an authentic and enjoyable New York experience. Ellis Island provides picturesque settings for your special corporate event that your employees will surely not forget. With an up close and personal look at the Statue of Liberty, […]

  • “Alexander” A Hamilton Tribute Show

    Nothing says New York City like a Broadway show. To make your next corporate event in New York City more memorable and authentic, add a Broadway Salute. One of the biggest Broadway shows the past few years has been Hamilton: An American Musical. The show has won more than 10 Tony Awards including for Best […]

  • The Ellis Island Experience

    If you’re looking to give your employees a unique and authentic New York City experience, The Ellis Island Experience has you covered. Ellis Island is just an eight-minute ferry ride from Battery Park, NYC and Liberty State Park, NJ. No matter what part of the country your group is coming from, they can experience a […]

  • The Symbolism of Wedding Flowers

    The flowers that you see at weddings aren’t just there to look beautiful—each of them carries its own symbolism. Roses, of course, stand for love and beauty. Daisies symbolize innocence. Tulips represent passion, and gardenias symbolize pure joy. Lilies symbolize purity and honor, while lilies of the valley simply stand for happiness. Magnolias represent nature, […]

  • Don’t Make These Mistakes When Planning Your First Corporate Retreat

    If you’re planning a corporate retreat for the first time, there are some common missteps that you’ll want to be sure to avoid. If you’re just getting started with your business and you don’t have a client list or any other network you can fall back on, it’s probably too soon to host a retreat. […]

  • Inspiration for Brides Who Would Rather Skip the Traditional Dress

    No two weddings are the same. Whether you’re planning the wedding reception , trying to select a menu, or making the guest list, your special day will inevitably be a unique and personal event. One of the most visible aspects of any wedding, of course, is the wedding dress. We all know the traditional white […]

  • FAQs and Answers About Professional Fireworks Displays

    If you really want to make sure that your next corporate event, wedding reception or other special event goes off with a bang, a professional fireworks display can be the perfect addition. No matter how old you are, who doesn’t love a fireworks show? However, there are strict regulations governing the use of fireworks, and […]